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Hello World!

September 08, 2019

Hi! My name is Ragan, and I’m a software developer in the Seattle area.

I’d been sitting on this domain for a couple years, but what finally inspired me to do something with it was Chris Biscardi’s recent appearance on the React Podcast, where they explained their techniques for developing a content pipeline using a digital garden that feeds into small blog posts which feeds into longer-form material. This seemed like such an approachable technique for making meaningful content, I just had to get things in gear.

I’d already been experimenting with GatsbyJS, having just lead a lunch-and-learn at my employer on the topic, so it seemed like the right tool, and time, to start up a blog and growing my own digital garden.

I’m hosting it on AWS via the Amplify toolkit, inspired by this great video with Jason Lengstorf and Kurt Kemple on the subject. I hope to get the AWS Amplify Analytics hooked up soon, serving as a topic for one or more blog posts, and maybe do something with AWS Lambda functions ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

Time to start tending my digital garden!